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Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tonal Modifiers Category: Specialties

Size6 fl. oz.

MoisturColor® Modifiers are created specifically for custom color formulations when mixed with MoisturColor® Semi-Permanent hair color shades. Pure color pigments for intense color value.

  • When mixed with other shades Modifiers have the ability to enhance tonal quality of base colors when mixed in proportions of 1/2 of formula or less (NOTE: usage in this manner avoids staining scalp).
  • Turn client’s drab base hair color into gorgeous, vibrant hair that shampoos out in after 6 shampoos.Three Color Modifiers add extraordinary color results.
  • Enhances and intensifies tonal quality of base color shades Unlimited color variations for custom formulas. Adds longevity to Color Shades because of intensity. Color remains brighter longer. Gold Modifier gives the appearance of lightness to the custom color formula. Red-Orange Modifier gives the appearance of brightness to custom color formulas. Red-Violet Modifier makes color formula appear darker when seeking depth and richness in your custom color formula.

SPECIAL NOTE – When using modifiers on gray hair, always use a brown shade in your mixture, this will
prevent unwanted base tones as the colorshade fades.

Available in 6 oz.


  • Enhances and intensifies tonal quality of base color shades
  • Unlimited color variations for custom formulas.


  • Adds longevity to color because of intensity.
  • Gives custom, one-of-a-kind results.

Shake well. Wearing gloves, create custom color formula by mixing 1/2 Color Modifier with 1/2 Color
Shade. Apply color to shampoo towel blotted hair. Comb through for even distribution. Process client under a dryer with plastic cap for 30 minutes. Allow hair to cool down for 5 minutes. Work up lather with lukewarm water. Rinse until water runs clear. Apply MoisturColor® Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair to towel blotted hair. Wait 5 minutes.

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