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Affirm Protecto® (Step 1) Category: Pre Relaxer

Size4 oz and 8 oz.

Affirm® Protecto® is a vital first step of the Affirm relaxer system. It protects the hair before and during the relaxing stage and lays the foundation towards a successful relaxer experience.


  • Pre-Relaxer Conditioner that penetrates deep within the hair fiber during relaxer when hair’s pH is relatively high and the cuticles are wide open
  • Effectively repairs damaged areas along the hair shaft
  • Enriched with Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Babasssu Oil, Fruit Extracts, Keratin, and Ceramide III.
  • Smooths and realigns damaged hair fibers
  • Tames fly-aways and repairs split ends
  • Eases wet combing and minimizes shedding

Before relaxing, apply Protecto® throughout hair, especially the new growth area.
Distribute to hair by gently combing through with a wide-tooth comb. TO AVOID SCALP IRRITATION, DO NOT MASSAGE SCALP.


  1. Always massage product on your  palms before application on hair shaft.
  2. Detangle hair with a wide -tooth comb after application.
  • Argan Oil
  • Cupuacu Butter
  • Babasssu Oil
  • Fruit Extracts
  • Keratin
  • Ceramide III.