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Conditioning Permanent Creme Hair Color Category: Specialties

Size2 oz.

Moistur Conditioning Permanent Creme Hair Color (Step 1A)

  •  A true conditioning permanent creme hair color formulated with many innovative technologies to help stylists achieve fabulous hair color shades while improving hair texture.
  • It delivers moisture, color, plus shine.
  • On chemically treated hair, the MoisturColor system exceeds all expectations.
  • Gentle Creme Formula for Minimal Hair Damage.
  • Contains Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC).
  • Provides for Easy Use with the Level System,
  • Presents Colorful Base Colors.
  • Easily mixes with Moisturizing Creme Developer.
  • Technologically advanced formulas contain Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC)
  • Helps Stylists achieve fabulous hair color while improving hair texture
  • Gentle, creme formula for minimal hair damage
  • Delivers moisture, brilliant color and shine.
  • Excellent performance on chemically treate
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