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Moisturizing Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Category: Conditioner

Size8 fl. oz

KeraCare Moisturizing Conditioner for Color -Treated Hair is a moisturizing  conditioner formulated exclusively to enhance and preserve tone in color- treated hair. The same formula as Affirm MoisturColor Conditioner for Color- Treated Hair.

  • Gently and thoroughly conditions the hair.
  • Contains Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC).
  • Softens, silkens, moisturizes.
  • Minimizes color fading and extends the life of color.
  • Provides Protection from Damaging UV Rays.
  • Nurtures delicate hair conditions.

    Available in 8oz.

Helps maintain glorious hair color without sacrificing healthy hair.  Exclusive patented Fiber Strengthening Complex protects hair from thermal and mechanical damage.  Strengthens hair between color services.  Minimizes color fading.  Provides UV protection.

  • Minimizes color fading.
  • Moisturizes and fortifies hair.
  • Exceptional conditioning deposition.
  • Leaves hair exceptionally soft and silky.

Shampoo with KeraCare® Moisturizing Shampoo for Color Treated Hair.  Apply a generous amount of KeraCare® Moisturizing Conditioner for Color Treated Hair to clean damp hair working through to the ends.  Sit under warm dryer with plastic cap for 15-20 minutes.  Rinse hair thoroughly.

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