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A’Liz Hair Salon

Located in the metropolitan city of Lagos, A’LIZ is set to raise the bar on high profile exemplary hair care etiquette. A’LIZ is designed to cater to an exclusive clientele of individuals particular about beautiful and glowing hair.

In an era where minimum value is being placed on hair care over weaves and extensions , A’LIZ is poised at personal hair care from your “Mane “

A’LIZ’s mission statement is to provide memorable experiences that are achieved by the delicate harmony between fundamentals and novelty.

A’LIZ is built on the core philosophy of continuous education and as such the team of seasoned designers and stylists who have a firm understanding of colours, textures and products are constantly pushing the boundaries of hair styling and developing their knowledge base in the latest trends and styles. Whether you spend a few minutes or the entire day, A’LIZ’s highly trained designers and staff is poised to ensure that the appointment is a memorable experience.

Through attention to the wants of our clients, we ensure that the peculiar needs of each individual are taken into consideration when designing the unique style which suits them. A’LIZ thus guarantees that every individual leaves not only feeling beautiful but with a better understanding of how to achieve beautiful hair. Particular about the comfort of our clients, A’LIZ has created a clean, unique and organized environment for that wholesome experience.

A’LIZ specializes in women, men and kiddies’ hair styling.

A’Liz Hair Salon
58 Isacc John Street, GRA
Ikeja Lagos Nigeria
Phone: +234 816 688 5893

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